Through my artwork I want to express my emotions, questions and observations as a newcomer to the Canada. My feelings, beliefs, thoughts and memories are the material I use to build a links with the new territory.

Before I arrived to Quebec I brought floral fabric for Hejab. Today I used it in my installations. I’m covering the frames of my paintings instead of covering myself. It started like an unconscious gesture. This way of dressing frames talk about process of comfort and wellness research. The pattern inspires nostalgia of a past time. It reminds geometrical form and motif of my origin culture.

In a new way to work, since I arrived to Sainte-Hyacinte et Laval, I decided to buy second hand paintings. It inspire me the idea to connect with other artists, other times, and memories. I find the way to transform the original images, like a Cadavre exquis. I kept some part of the painting and I add new shapes and colors, following the way that I can identify my self, my body with these landscapes, portraits or scenes imagined by other people before me.

As a feminist I question my own representations. I make self-portraits to review the women in different aspect and fantasize.


Also, in a largest perspective, my statement focus on culture and communication examines the geopolitical, and cultural relations among peoples, societies, nations and communities. I believe that art has great power, in fact, art initiates, fosters and protects diversity and so it can be a universal tool to initiate, nourish and protect intercultural dialogue. The visceral reaction to my works is representational of all things that are fantastically human. With intercultural communication I talk about People from different cultural backgrounds interact not face to face but also with art medium. Cultural differences can be in variety eras in ethnicity, religious belief, gender, political ideology, geographical region. I’m talking about Hejab, women, culture, ideology to explain more about myself. I believe that viewer can communicate with me even in nonverbal language through the art.