1Mina Hedayat Was born in Iran. In 2010 moved to Malaysia for pursuing her PhD and after that in 2014 moved to Canada. Mina passionate in painting since her younger days, she is participating in numerous prominent art exhibitions in Iran, Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong Art Fair. Her desire is using art as a channel to present the beauty and aesthetic nature of women. Mina is an Iranian painter lived in Malaysia for last 4.5 years and then Moved to Canada in 2014. She is the artist for who does not exist any stylistic border. At any time filled with salty energy sails can transfer the clipper of her inexhaustible imagination to unfamiliar mysterious coast of new terra incognita. “The greatest challenge an artist faces is to adequately channel her first bursts of creative energy. It is necessary to constantly work at improving one’s skills in order to effectively tackle this challenge.” Her main focus is figurative art. She is attracted to the acrylic paintings, Printmaking and Digital Art. In my recent work, I have been developing a series of animal-inspired paintings that blur the boundaries between animals, humanity, women and fine art. I am interested in the narrative quality of painting.

I am trying to create artwork that seduces the spectator to engage it intellectually and emotionally and finish its story, like the beginning of a short story or the punch line of an unsettling joke.” I consciously work with technique and composition, but my unconscious adds an element of inner yearning for tranquility, strength and well-being depending on my mood. The figures depict grounded women with animals head earthy feet and hands. In a way, the whole painting is a self-portrait from the inside, out. For the sake of important elements in a work, I often exaggerate or distort shapes and lines to enhance the overall flow and composition. I apply the paint, but it is a struggle to not get in the way of the process as it unfolds. It works best if the vision guides me, not I guide it. I notice that my visits to Malaysia are influencing my palette. Her desired to printmaking appeared after she decided to learn Hand drawn Batik. She mixed Iranian painting with nature by shiny and bright color in her last series.


Personal Details:

Name: Mina Hedayat



  • Member of society of Iranian painter (SIP).
  • Member of Institute for promotion of visual Arts.
  • Member of Young Researchers Club.


  • PhD from University Malaya, 2014
  • A in painting, Azad University, 2009.
  • A in painting, Elmo Farhang University, 2007.
  • Education Certificate of Printmaking, Hak Institute, 2009.



Solo exhibitions:

  1. Cube gallery, Malaysia, 2012
  2. Cube gallery, Malaysia, 2011
  3. Mehrva gallery, Iran, 2010
  4. Mehrva gallery, Iran, 2009
  5. Mehrva gallery, 2008

Group exhibitions:

  1. Participated in AATF group exhibition, Malaysia, 2014
  2. Participated in Art Expo of Malaysia, 2013
  3. Participated in Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair, 2013
  4. Group exhibition, DTC, University Malaya, 2013
  5. Group exhibition, Korean Woman’s Association, DTC, 2013
  6. Group exhibition, Iranian Embassy, Malaysia, 2013
  7. Group exhibition, Viva Home, International Woman’s Day, 2012
  8. Group exhibition, Mika, Malaysian, Iranian & Korean Artists, 2012
  9. Group exhibition, Art Seni Gallery, 2012
  10. Group exhibition, Cube gallery, Batik Painting, 2012
  11. Group exhibition, Cube gallery, Painting, 2011
  12. Group exhibition, Wisma R& D, University Malaya, 2011
  13. Group exhibition, Imam Ali art museum, 2010
  14. Group exhibition of Society of Iranian Painters (SIP), 2010
  15. Group exhibition, Nikzad art gallery, 2009
  16. Group exhibition, Black & white photos, Art Center, 2009
  17. Group exhibition, Printmaking, Nikzad art gallery, 2009
  18. Group exhibition, Nikzad art gallery, 2009
  19. Group exhibition, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2009
  20. Group exhibition, Mellat gallery, 2009
  21. Representation of first biennial, Color of kindness, 2009
  22. Representation, Fajer festival, Kanoone-parvareshe-fekrie-koodakan , 2009
  23. Selected in festival of painting, Farhangsaray dokhtaran, 2008
  24. Group exhibition, Imam Ali museum, 2008
  25. Group exhibition, kamaloddin Behzad School, 2008
  26. Selected in festival of Tavallodi no, 2008
  27. Group exhibition, Aghili art gallery, 2008
  28. The 7th national biennial of Iranian contemporary painting, 2008
  29. Selected in Photography exhibition in Tehran, 2008
  30. Cultural center in Seoul, Korea, popular Persian painters Seoul exhibition, 2007
  31. The big sale of painting and sculpture, 2007
  32. The first festival of Talie zohoor in Qom, 2007
  33. Group exhibition, Khaneye honarmandan, Mirmiran gallery, 2007
  34. Representation of Persian painting in contemporary painting of Iran in Elahe gallery, 2007
  35. Group exhibition, Ebne Sina gallery, for the benefit of the psychical patients, 2007
  36. Group exhibition, The first festival of Hozoor in Mashhad, 2006
  37. Group exhibition, The first visual Arts festival of resistance, 2006
  38. Group exhibition, The first festival visual Arts in Khanevadeh cultural center, 2006
  39. Group exhibition, Festival of Fine Art in Niyavaran cultural center, 2006
  40. Group exhibition, Festival 6th of Art in Marivan, 2006
  41. Group exhibition, Laleh gallery, 2006
  42. Group exhibition, The first exhibition of Drawing in Karaj, 2005
  43. Group exhibition, Afrand gallery, 2005


  1. Forth degree in forth festival of Tavalodi No, 2008.
  2. Select of photos festival of Tehran az negahe man, 2008.
  3. Third degree in workshop of Asmae Hazrate Zahra, 2008.
  4. First degree of Entrance Exam for Master of Art in Islamic Azad University, 2007.

Work Experience:

  • 2012-2013, Research Assistance, University Malaya
  • 2009-2009 Performance of tile painting, Subway of Tehran, Iran
  • 2008-2009 work at Nikzad Gallery
  • 2004-2008 Teacher of Painting, Shadi Afarinan Mani Instiute of Art

Tehran, Iran